Focus and Scope

Media Ilmu Kesehatan is a scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific papersto add insight and science in the health field. Media Ilmu Kesehatan accepts original research scientific manuscripts and literature reviews. The minimum bibliography included in the article is 10, with a percentage of 30% international references. Media Ilmu Kesehatan accepts texts from the health field mainly as outlined:
1.Primary health care nursing
2.Complementary midwifery services
3.Medical Records in Electronic Medical Records and Coding
4.Pharmaceutical development of natural ingredients and chronic diseases
5.Information system in blood services

The focus of the articles published is research articles, at least the last 3 years from submitting publications. Media Ilmu Kesehatan refers to scientific publication standards that apply transparency of conflicts of interest between authors and editors. This provision refers to the Committee Publication Ethics  (COPE).