Author Guideline

Media Ilmu Kesehatan is a scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific writings to add insight and knowledge in the field of health. Editor of Media Ilmu Kesehatan accepts the publication of research results and will conduct screening based on scientific relevance. The Editorial receives the manuscript of the publication of the research and will perform the screening based on scientific relevance. The received script is an original article, or a review of a scientific article, and is expected to complete a validation page, a publication assignment letter from the institution, or it can also be ethical clearance.

The editor will receive and load the manuscript in a journal that will be published after getting a recommendation from the reviewer. The Editor has the right to make changes to the text if deemed necessary. Further descriptions of the writing instructions are as follows:

1. Posts sent for publication are the results of research that have not been published in any scientific publication media in print or online, with a maximum of 3 years behind the research year.

2. Writing in the form of typing a computer with MS-Word software, typed with an Arial 11 font, spaced 1.5 on A4 paper. Margin above 3.5 cm, down 2.5 cm, left and right 2 cm each.

3. The text of the research results should be arranged according to the systematics as follows:

a. The title is succinctly written in Indonesian and English no more than 14 words. All use Sentence case, 12 point fonts, bold letters, the middle position.
b. Author's name (without title), 10 point font. The number of authors listed in the article is at least 1 person and a maximum of 3 people. The right part of the superscript is numbered. Agency and address information are written in the paragraph under the author's name according to the number. The address in the form of the agency where the author works are equipped with a complete postal address and email address (for correspondence).
c. Abstracts are written in English, written abstract using 10 point fonts, all bold and uppercase letters. Abstract contents include background, objective, methods, results, conclusion. Fill in the abstract using Arial letters, size 10 pt, single space, and no more than 200 words. The lower part of the abstract is written keywords with italics, 10 point fonts, written in a maximum of 5 keywords in English.
d. Points a, b, and c, are written in 1 (one) columns. The contents of the text (introduction to the literature) are all written in the form of 2 (two) columns.
e. The introduction must describe the background of the problem, the formulation of the problem and the purpose of the study.
f. Material and method of research contain an explanation of the outline of the methods used in the study including the instruments used, time, place, sample, research flow, how to obtain data, how to obtain samples and how to analyze data. Materials and methods must be explained as thoroughly as possible in order to strengthen the results of the research and not cause doubt to the reader.
g. The results and discussion contain the results obtained along with a brief discussion regarding the results. The form of writing is narrative and can be equipped with graphics, diagrams, drawings or tables. Tables and images must be given a title and sufficient information. The table title is placed above the table, the title of the image is placed under the image with the Arial font 10. The table display must include a minimum line (vertical /horizontal).
h. Literature writing uses a number system or Vancouver Superscript model in accordance with the order of appearance in the writing and is recommended to use the Mendeley reference manager. Citations of literature not older than 10 years unless this is essential to your study. The minimum number of references must be 15, of which 70% must be from journal articles. Referrals must have a primary citation of 85% and secondary citations of up to 15% of the total referrals are allowed.
i. Points e, f, g, h for the subtitles (introduction, material, and method, etc.) are written in all uppercase letters and in bold, Arial, 11 pt, while for paragraphs the contents use Arial, 11 pt according to good Indonesian language rules and right.
j. Writing quotes /sources on texts using numbering reference techniques. Example: pain management at a moderate level.2 Literature is written with spacing 1 and 11 Arial fonts.
k. Conclusions must show the conclusions of the research results that are adjusted to the research objectives. Also, mention suggestions that can be given by the author based on the results of the study. Add greetings to those involved in the research.

4. Writing abbreviations without explanation is only for the measurement unit, besides that, it must mention the extension when the first abbreviation is written

5. Include names, agency addresses, telephone numbers, cellphones, and e-mail.

6. The publication script is submitted in softcopy word file registration an OJS account on link:

7. The authors must follow the flow and provisions of the editors of Media Ilmu Kesehatan.

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