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Copyright for Scientific Works in the Media Ilmu Kesehatan

Articles received and published by the Media Ilmu Kesehatan are by the publication, the copyright of the article is fully transferred to the Media Ilmu Kesehatan. All operational forms such as printing, publication, and distribution of hard file journals are carried out by the Media Ilmu Kesehatan. Articles that have finished the review process and have been declared accepted by the journal manager or editor will be asked to fill out a statement of submission of copyright by the journal secretary to the main author or correspondent author. The statement of transfer of copyright is signed with a seal and sent via email to and contacted the admin of the journal to be followed up on archiving. Journal managers and editors have the right to edit the manuscript according to the provisions of the writing rules in the Media Ilmu Kesehatan.

Articles that have been declared accepted either online through the author's account on the OJS website or a letter of receipt of the article (LOA), as well as those that have been published on OJS are not allowed to be published in other journals, or proceedings. The number of authors with more than one and as the main author or designated as the correspondent writer must have coordinated with members of the research team. The order of the authors submitted in the article as the author of one, two, three and so on cannot be changed when the article is published unless an error occurs in the technical operation of the journal.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International — CC BY-SA 4.0