Media Ilmu Kesehatan is a scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific papers to add insight and science in the field of health. That are includes the following, but is not limited to nursing, public health, pharmacy, blood bank technology, health recorder and information, midwifery, health analysts, nutrition, psychology and other health sciences. The focus of published articles is research article, at least the last 3 years of publication. The Editorial MIK receives the manuscript of the publication of the research and will perform the screening based on scientific relevance. Further descriptions of the writing instructions are as follows:

  1. The articles submitted for publication are the research article that has not been published in any scientific publication media. The research submitted is a study conducted over the last three years
  2. Please send article in MS-Word with arial font 11, space 1.5 on A4 paper. Margin over 3.5 cm, bottom 2.5 cm, left and right respectively 2 cm.
  3. The text of article should be arranged in accordance with the following systematics: (a) The title is written in brief in English for no more than 14 words. All use capital letters, 12 point fonts, bold letters, middle location, (b) Name of author (without title), 10 point font. Number of authors listed in the article at least 2 person on the top right of the author's name (superscript). The institution and address is written to the alenia under the name of the author according to the number. Address is an institution where the author works completed with full postal address and e-mail address (for correspondence); (c) Abstract is written in English, abstract writing using 10 point font, bold and all capital letters. Abstract content includes: Background, objective, methods, results, conclusion. Abstract content using Arial letters, 10 pt size, single space and no more than 200 words. The bottom part of the abstract is written keywords with italics, 10 point fonts, written maximum of 5 keywords in English, (d) Points a, b, and c are written in 1 (one column). The contents of the manuscript (preliminary to bibliography) are all written in two columns, (e) Introduction should describe the background of the problem, the formulation of the problem and the objectives of the study, (f) The materials and methods of the study contain an explanation of the outline of the method used In research including the instruments used, time, place, sample, research flow, how to obtain data, how to obtain samples and how to analyze data. Materials and means should be explained as fully as possible in order to strengthen the results of the study and do not cause readers to doubt, (g) Results and discussion, containing the results obtained along with brief discussion of results. The form of writing in narration and can be equipped with graphs, diagrams, drawings or tables. Tables and pictures should be titled and sufficient. The table title is placed on top of the table with the arial font 10. The table view should include the helpline (vertical/horizontal) to a minimum, (h) Library writing using the Vancouver number or model system according to the order of appearance in the text (i ) The points e, f, g, h for subtitles (introduction, material and manner etc.) are written in all capital letters and in bold, Arial, 11 pt, while for paragraphs using arial, 11 pt is in accordance with the writing of Indonesian Good and true (j) Writing quotations/sources in manuscripts using referring reference techniques, Example: pain management at a moderate level.1 "superscript" (k) Conclusion, it should show the conclusions of the results that are matched with the objectives of the study. Mention also suggestions that can be given by the author based on research results.
  4. Writing abbreviations without explanation only for the unit of measurement, otherwise it should mention the extension at the first time the abbreviation is written
  5. The statement of thanks is placed on top of the refrence list. The names mentioned in the statement must be accompanied with title, position and job address
  6. Write the name, address, phone number, HP and e-mail.
  7. The publication paper submitted through the online website with registration at http://ejournal.unjaya.ac.id/index.php/mik and email: jurnalmik2018@gmail.com
  8. Password and username must be kept by the author to login and find out where the script is, whether it has been received, is in the process of review, there is an improvement, or in the process of publishing.
  9. The time of the manuscript received by the manager, then go to the reviewer, then proccess to editor for a maximum of 4 weeks.
  10. The declared manuscript accepted for inclusion in the Media Ilmu Kesehatan up to 2 weeks after the online release will be received by the author in the printed version.


Media Ilmu Kesehatan is published three times a year. Unit price Rp. 50.000,00. Authors from outside institutions Universitas Jenderal A. Yani Yogyakarta charged Rp. 300.000,00 for each published article.


Author must check at least 2 days once by login with username and password already owned. The Author will see its status on the Authored whether (Submission, Review, Production). If still submission script already entered but not yet sent to reviewer. If the script review has been signed in to reviewer (please check periodically because the editor will send the script to be revised by author by clicking on the Authored Menu section of the Review until the review discussions appear, then click your name, download the manuscript has been reviewed, and the revised manuscript, then Script uploaded in the same way when downloading a script from reviewer select Add Message menu, then upload a revised script, click Ok to finish, then check periodically till production status If already production 80% script will published.