Media Ilmu Kesehatan is a scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific papers to add insight and science in the field of health. That are includes the following, but is not limited to nursing, public health, pharmacy, blood bank technology, health recorder and information, midwifery, health analysts, nutrition, psychology and other health sciences. The focus of published articles is research article, at least the last 3 years of publication. The Editorial Media Ilmu Kesehatan receives the manuscript of the publication of the research and will perform the screening based on scientific relevance. The received script is an original article and is expected to be completed with a validation page. The editor will receive and publish the manuscript in the journal to be published after obtaining a recommendation from the reviewer for consideration.

Media Ilmu Kesehatan has previously appeared in print in 2012 with ISSN 2252-3413. Currently Media Ilmu Kesehatan has published online version with electronic ISSN 2548-6268. Media Ilmu Kesehatan is published 3 times, there are in April, August, and December. The best partner who supports in publishing this journal is an expert in their field. The flow of script acceptance are:

  1. The author adjusts the style of writing Media Ilmu Kesehatan by looking at the terms in the author's instructions.
  2. The author ask for a username and password by sending an email to: with the format (all author include: full name, course, NIDN / NPM, institution, nomor contact/handphone, email address and home address) and can be confirmed through editorial board phone number (081393300808)
  3. After getting the username and password the author can go to (Username and password do not till forget because for download and uppload revision and correction)
  4. The author uploads the manuscript on the website
  5. The script will be received by the editor.
  6. Editor will send the script to the section editor.
  7. Editor section will proceed submit to reviewer.
  8. Review manuscript maximum 2 weeks from submitted manuscript (check in status assigned author)
  9. If the script review results are rejected, the section editor will inform the author (check on the assigned author status)
  10. If there is an improvement and need to be followed up by the author, then the editor of the part will return to the author (maximum of 3 days the author has sent the revised manuscript to the editor can be downloaded and uploaded directly to each account)
  11. If there is no improvement, the script will immediately procces by the editor.
  12. The ready script, by the editor is continued to the copy editor and continued production for the publishing process.
  13. Slowest time of publication journal is the fourth week of every month of issue April, Agustus, Desember