Teknomatika: Jurnal Informatika dan Komputer (p-ISSN: 1979-7656) is a free and open-access journal published by Fakultas Teknik dan Teknologi Informasi Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Teknomatika publishes scientific articles from scholars and experts worldwide related to the computer science, informatics, computer systems and information systems. This journal accommodates articles covering:

  1. Mathematics and Statistics
  2. Algorithms and Programming
  3. Intelligent System
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Computer Architecture
  7. Distributed System
  8. Cyber Security
  9. Electronics and Embedded Systems
  10. Data and Information Management
  11. Information Systems
  12. Enterprise System

All published articles will have a digital object identifier (DOI). The Journal publication frequency is twice a year (sixth monthly: Maret and September).



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Current Issue

Vol 12 No 2 (2020): TEKNOMATIKA

In this edition, readers will be able to read articles originating from the results of research in the field of informatics and computers with the study of pervasive computing, decision support systems, microcontrollers, information systems, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

Published: 2020-05-13
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