Author Guidelines

Journal of Pharmaceutical is a scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific writings to add insight and knowledge in the field of pharmacy. Journal of Pharmaceutical editor  accepts the publication of research results and will conduct screening based on scientific relevance. The Editorial receives the manuscript of the publication of the research and will perform the screening based on scientific relevance. The received script is an original article, or a review of a scientific article, and is expected to complete a validation page, a publication assignment letter from the institution, or it can also be ethical clearance.

The editor will receive and load the manuscript in a journal that will be published after getting a recommendation from the reviewer. The Editor has the right to make changes to the text if deemed necessary. Further descriptions of the writing instructions are as follows:

  1. Manuscripts can be in either Indonesian or English.
  2. Manuscripts submitted for publication are the results of research that have not been published in any scientific publication media, either print or online, within the last three years.
  3. Writing on a computer using MS-Word software, typed in Arial 11 font, 1.5 spaced on A4 paper. Above 3.5 cm, down 2.5 cm, and left and right 2 cm.
  4. The study result text must be organized in accordance with the systematics shown in the template.