Healthy Behavior Journal is an open access scientific journal that aims to publish and disseminate various scientific papers to add insight and science in the field of health. That includes the following but is not limited to nursing, public health, pharmacy, blood bank technology, health recorder and information, midwifery, health analysts, nutrition, psychology, and other health sciences. The focus of published articles is a research article of publication of research in Indonesian or English. The Editorial receives the manuscript of the publication of the research and will perform the screening based on scientific relevance. The received script is an original article, or a review of a scientific article, and is expected to complete a validation page, a publication assignment letter from the institution, or it can also be ethical clearance. The editor will receive and publish the manuscript in the journal to be published after obtaining a recommendation from the reviewer for consideration. Healthy Behavior Journal is published 2 times, there are in June and December. Articles are archived in the open journal system and the LIPI science institute.